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Since its founding in 1992, LinkStaff has been engaged in recruitment business specialized in the medical industry.
Thanks to the customers who have patronized us, we are now growing into a company that boasts the top market share of the said industry.

In recent years, not only in the medical industry but also in all industries, human labor shortage has been getting worse in Japan, so that activities of people from abroad have come to be desired.

When we started e-care which is the nursing job recruitment website, we have made it possible to register non-Japanese talent as well as Japanese applicant.
As a result, we have become the first company introducing foreign talent to the nursing care industry in Japan, and even now the number of registered talents of foreign origin continues to increase.

Recently, not only the nursing care industry but also the number of foreign talent who wish to find employment in general corporations has increased, so we are also developing introduction business of foreign nationals for general corporations.
Not to mention of foreigners living in Japan, there are an increasing number of job-seekers who contact us directly from abroad.

Currently, foreign applicants registered to us are various: permanent residents living in Japan for a long time; settlers living in mid- and short-term; Japanese spouses; international students in Japan and so on.
We have received varied job opportunities from a wide range of companies, from sales staff, IT engineers, hotel cleaning staff, rice ball sale, so we are introducing talented people who are suited to the companies' needs.

LinkStaff wishes to contribute to solving the shortage of human resources in Japanese companies by introducing excellent talent to them.

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Job support service
A dedicated consultant of Job's World mediates between job-seekers and businesses to carry out job matching.

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