We would like to work thoroughly what about the “Employment Issues” Support program of Job's World

Programs for job-seekers / applicants to change jobs

E-mail employment consultation

Job's World's full-time staff (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) will carefully answer questions and concerns about your career change and job hunting by the e-mail.

Interview measures

It is a service that advises information to help interview measures by the e-mail such as company interview contents and favorite personality.

Program for recruiting companies

Support for the selection process

  • Primary selection agent setting up = Screening
  • About Japanese ability (such as sentence construction ability)
  • Setting up on-site interview
  • Secondary selection agent setting up
  • Interview interpretation services

Retention rate improvement consulting

  • Even if long-awaited talented foreigners are hired, their ability cannot be demonstrated, if their motivations are reduced.
    • Prevention of mismatch at adoption
    • Procedural agency service from job posting to entering company
    • Maintain motivation after joining the company and measures to prevent leaving workers
  • Telephone, e-mail accepted at any time
  • Interview with the registered working staffs (conducted once every two months)

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