My career change experience

Our company introduces work to job-seekers of a wide range of age.
Until now, we have introduced jobs to various holders of visas, including international student in Japan visa, family stay visa, permanent resident visa, settler visa, and Japan’s spouse Visa.

International student in Japan. Support for job-seekers ranging from temporary staffing to regular employees

Facility Location: Paid nursing home in Nerima Ward, Tokyo
Job-seeker: 25-year-old Chinese woman International student in Japan.
Came to Japan about 3 and a half years ago.
Fluent daily conversational of Japanese (N1 level).
Initial training qualifications holder.
Annual income: Working 5 days a week, 3 million yen (Nursing care staff)
Currently, I am working as a temporary dispatch worker. From April 2017, I will be adopted as a regular employee.

Facility's comment

This is the first time that the facility adopts a foreign national as a regular employee.
We did not know much about the relationship between visa and working hours and the change of visa qualification, but LinkStaff supported us on the visa change application and others.
Also, since there is a follow-up not only for interviewing but also after starting work for the person concerned, peace of mind is obtained even with employment of foreign nationals.
We will continue to hire more people from abroad through LinkStaff.

Job-seeker's comment

I was studying at a welfare-related school. I was supposed to be graduated in April on last year.
When I was looking for a job I came to know about Link Staff.
They helped me accommodating my time schedule before entering the job and helped me applying for visa after joining the company.
The contact person was a Chinese. Therefore it was very easy to communicate. I was able to clarify my understanding by discussing all confusions.

Permanent resident. Regular job recruitment

Facility Location: Long-Term Care Health Facility in Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City
Job-seeker: 46-year-old Chinese woman. Permanent resident. Came to Japan about 3 and a half years ago.
Entry level daily conversational of Japanese (N4 level). Unqualified.
Annual income: Working 5 days a week, 2 million yen (Nursing care assistant)
Currently, I am working as a temporary dispatch worker.
When the semi-annual contract employee is over, it will be changed to a regular employee.
Salary also goes up.

Facility's comment

Nursing care staff is always short at our facility and we accepted foreign staff through LinkStaff.
The applicant was not very fluent in Japanese, but we received much support from LinkStaff representatives and we were successful for accepting the person. Since we receive follow-up from the LinkStaff even after starting of the job, the staff employed can work safely.

Job-seeker's comment

I do not understand Japanese well, but I received interpreter support from the LinkStaff’s Chinese representative. It was a great help, as the representative came along with me on the first day of my work here.
Currently, I am working without any worries.

International student in Japan, temporary worker.

Facility Location: Kashiwa-city, Chiba Prefecture
Job-seeker: 24-year-old Chinese man. International student in Japan. Came to Japan about 1 and a half years ago.
Working 4 days a week, 1000 yen/hour (Nursing care staff)
Annual income: Working 4 days a week, 1000 yen/hour (Nursing care staff)
Currently, I am working as a temporary dispatch worker.

Facility's comment

We accepted international student dispatchers for the first time. In the beginning, we were reluctant to accept the international students because we heard that they do not necessarily have much time to work and cannot participate in the shift often. However, since the LinkStaff adjusted the working hours with the job-seeker in advance and received introductions with specific conditions in place, the internal adjustment on our side was carried smoothly afterwards.
Currently we are asking LinkStaff to introduce another job-seeker at any rate.

Job-seeker's comment

The majority of international students in Japan is working in factories and restaurants. However, since I did not like to work in factories etc. so much, I registered with the LinkStaff, thinking that I could find something else.
After the registration, a nursing care work was introduced from the person in charge. As I did not know the job of nursing care at all and I could not understand what kind of work I had to do, but when I heard the detailed explanation of the person in charge of the LinkStaff, I determined to engage in this work, and now I am working without any problem.

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